I am Brunem Warshaw, a clinical herbalist and wellness educator who weaves scientific and intuitive approaches together to support people in healing themselves with the assistance of plant medicines.

I have been studying for over a decade and practicing professionally for 8 years. I am also a queer nonbinary femme with invisible disabilities who is descended from Irish and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestors.

My teachers have included the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine (a science-based clinical program for which I now teach annually), Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and trained herbalist Lydia Bartholow (with a particular focus on trauma and addiction recovery), and Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes at the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine. I am a 20 hour street medic and first aid educator after having done horizontal community organizing and teaching classes with other queer health care providers within the Rosehip Medic Collective for several years.

My passions in my personal life include disability justice, celebrating femmes, anti-Zionist Jewish magic, group work, and somatics. I’m currently translating my workshop series on Herbal Support for Feminized Labor into online coursework and eventually a book!

I live on occupied Chochenyo-Karkin Ohlone land in Oakland, CA and also provide distance-based consults to anyone within the United States. My long-term vision is to help run a multimodality low-barrier teaching clinic. I love networking with other care providers and educators of various kinds. Please reach out if you want to collaborate.