My services are client-centered, nonjudgmental, trauma-informed, queer-affirming, and completely confidential. An initial consultation is a 2 hour interview during which I support my clients in describing their health histories and the details of their concerns. Many people have not previously experienced an intake session that is so thorough and with such a degree of practitioner care and attention. This interview is the foundation from which I create your first formula and set of suggestions. I offer consults online via video chat to anyone within the United States as well as in person at my office in Oakland, CA.

A formula is a custom combination of herbs in the form of a tincture or tea blend. I prepare medicine for my clients with science and ceremony. A new client can expect to use their daily formula for 4-6 weeks, followed by a 1 hour session to track changes, adjust their care plan, and refill. If you are seeking to address an imbalance that you’ve been living with for a long time, it can take 6-12 months of guided herbal support to create lasting changes. Tinctures cost $13/oz. and tea blends cost $3/oz. 

An initial consultation costs a sliding scale of $75-200. All follow-up sessions are on a sliding scale of $60-130. I use the model of a sliding scale so that my clients with different degrees of financial access can support each other in receiving these services. If you are able to pay at the top of the scale, it creates more opportunity for me to provide free/low-cost herbal support to those in need. My preference is monetary compensation, though I am also open to discussing trades. Please note that appointment cancellations that occur less than 48 hours in advance are responsible for half of the appointment fee to respect my time and schedule.

I also offer single sessions to address an acute illness or injury for $30-60. This is a good option if you’re trying to prevent or recover from a cold/flu, encourage speedy healing for a sprain or other musculoskeletal injury, address a poison oak rash, heal a burn, or manage a herpes outbreak. Please reach out if it’s an emergency and funds are not available. 

My ongoing services are beneficial for:

  • building resilience while working with stress, trauma, anxiety, and depression

  • supporting digestive health

  • preparing/recovering from surgery

  • transgender health issues

  • abortion preparation/aftercare

  • reproductive hormone balance for all phases of life

  • promoting restful sleep

  • addiction and recovery

  • managing autoimmune conditions

  • promoting deep immunity

  • navigating grief and heartbreak

  • preventing/managing seasonal allergies

  • moving with big life changes

  • connecting with plants on a magical level

Schedule a free 15 minute phone conversation to find out if my skills might be helpful for your specific situation.