Trauma Survival

We live in a society in which violence is both rampant and intergenerational. Regardless if you have been formally diagnosed with CPTSD or PTSD, trauma is a huge piece of the puzzle within so many health challenges. When I state that I am a trauma-informed practitioner, it means that I will center your feelings of safety and stated support needs, maintain your confidentiality, validate your experience, and collaborate with you to cultivate empowering strategies for release work, re-patterning, and a building a sense of self that is powerfully separate from that which you’ve survived. Here are some issues that often accompany trauma survival and are well-supported by herbal medicine:

  • hypervigilance

  • dissociation

  • panic attacks

  • anxiety

  • depression and suicidality

  • adrenal fatigue

  • insomnia

  • disordered eating habits

  • muscle tension

  • digestive issues

  • addiction

  • fibromyalgia

  • codependent relational patterns

  • social isolation and extreme loneliness

  • difficulties building trust with others

  • emotional dysregulation

  • shame spirals

  • core sense of powerlessness

  • issues with attention, focus, and memory

My studies and practice with plant medicine focus on the physiology of the nervous system as it relates to stress and trauma as well as to the more spiritual aspects of holistic self-healing within the context of your personal and epigenetic history. Please note that I am not a trained Mental Health professional with any kind of formal licensure, and that part of how I work is by helping clients build up their toolkit and care team to address the gaps in what my services can realistically provide. You’re welcome to reach out if you want to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to find out if my offerings feel aligned with your needs.