Z.B., student/client

There are two things that I most appreciated about the workshops. First, checking in, especially about access needs, made the space feel more accessible to me. During both workshops I attended, I was dealing with a lot of hard to manage physical symptoms. Specifically asking that question allowed me space to make known needs I would have otherwise not been able to access or verbalize very well. Being able to do so helped lower my anxiety around my symptoms and made them easier to manage without needing to step away. Second, I really appreciate the scholarship spaces Brunem made. I have been trying to get into herbalism for years now and it seems so inaccessible. I feel very grateful for the space and access created by Brunem's workshops. I appreciate how willing they are to help, especially with folks of color, where most herbalists would be charging rates that are way out of our reach. Their advice has helped me, and at least one other woman of color that I know of, through crisis...and I’m not sure how either of us would have managed without. 

K.F., client

Brunem has a wide range of knowledge and skills. They are extremely curious and thorough, and an expert herbalist and care provider. I trust them to present their knowledge honestly, to give me the best advice while supporting me to be in control of my healing process.

E.M., client

Brunem has uncovered and expanded the kind of support I could have expected from an herbalist. For the first time I've experienced what it is to feel accompanied on this life journey by a healer who speaks a language just as foreign and familiar as my own. With Brunem as my guide, I have rediscovered trust in myself and my growing plant family.

A.B., student

Brunem’s invaluable insight into my health and needs continues to reverberate throughout my life. As a nurse I deal with medicine and the medical system daily but for my own health needs I find working with an herbalist invaluable to my total well-being. My first session with Brunem was done during a time in my life when I was dealing with multiple health struggles that crossed all parts of my life; eating difficulties, inflammation, depression, stress, and motivation. Brunem offered a very thorough evaluation of my overall health and developed treatment plans that fit my current abilities and needs. Their method of locating my health needs clearly followed a systematic structure while at the same time used an intuitive presence that drew out a clear picture of the many parts of my life that were affecting my illness.  More than simply providing me with herbal formulas, Brunem gave me a toolkit for how to think about and understand what my needs are and ways to fulfill them in my life. Brunem brings a bright mixture of intellectual rigor with the invisible mystery that lies within all life. This helps bring out the best in whomever they work with. They are amazing and caring beyond belief!

L.L., student

As a TA in Brunem's Herbal First Aid I learned practical skills that I have since applied in emergency situations in the home multiple times, including the (surprising!) application of cayenne as a styptic. Brunem is a knowledgeable, methodical, radical, and magical herbalist. Their dedication to the safe and effective usage of plant medicines makes them one of the most rigorous and trustworthy herbalists whose practice I've witnessed. It was a joy to work with and learn from such a gentle teacher and dedicated practitioner of plant medicine.