Ancestral Connection Magic

As a white person who is committed to the work of dismantling the harm inherent in my whiteness, the magic and medicine of my Irish and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestors has been a huge support. I’m especially available to do this work with other white people, regardless of your specific ancestry. Occasionally a client of color requests my support with this process and so I have developed strategies for bringing their specific ancestral medicines into custom formulas as well as compiling relevant resources and community connections for their intentions with this work. You might consider my services if:

  • you desire a connection with the sacred without participating in cultural appropriation.

  • you’re estranged from your living family members.

  • you need to set boundaries with particular ancestors.

  • you want to explore the physical and symbolic features of your ancestral lands.

  • you participate in multiracial social justice organizing work.

  • you’re struggling to release ancestral trauma and break cycles of harm.

  • you desire to better know yourself and build context for your particular challenges and gifts.

I believe in our ability to heal backwards for the sake of the future generations. Please reach out if you want to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to find out if my offerings feel aligned with the ancestral connection magic you’re seeking.