Addiction Recovery

Chemical dependence and substance use disorders are an extremely complex topic that will remain a core subject of my studies for the rest of my life. I approach this issue from the framework of harm reduction, which means that I will not judge you for the shape that your recovery takes, even and especially when that involves periods of active usage and/or relapse. My orientation as an herbalist is to minimize the physical and emotional damage that addiction can entail, address the root cause underneath this relationship to your substance(s) of choice, and support the nervous system in coping with the stress of wherever you are at in your recovery process. I approach this work as someone who has my own recovery history. I will not project my story on to yours, but rather use the grounding of this experience to support you in finding your own way to take your power back from your addiction. Herbs can be particularly useful for the following aspects of recovery:

  • minimizing the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms

  • stress and anxiety management

  • self-compassion

  • reducing agitation and irritability

  • regulating sleep

  • trauma healing

  • regulating appetite and digestion

  • resisting cravings

  • relearning how to deal with anger

  • habituating sober life skills such as navigating social situations and how to have fun

Please note that I am not an addictions counsellor with any kind of formal licensure, and that part of how I work is helping clients build up their tool kit and care team to address the gaps in what my services can realistically provide. You’re welcome to reach out if you want to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to find out if my offerings feel aligned with your needs.